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Walk with Me: A Journey Through Motherhood and Path to Leadership is now available! Click on the button below to learn more and order your copy.

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Helping women get a more confident grip on their total life (personal and professional) so they can focus on leadership or taking their business to the next level.

Women juggle a lot by nature, and when we are also career-driven and ambitious, we often struggle with staying focused on so many different priorities while moving our personal hearts forward. I know because I’ve been there, and I have helped many other women with putting the right mindset and action plan in place to feel happier and more fulfilled while still driving their business to the next level or leading in various corporate positions.

Based on my 32 years of experience in the same company and rising to leadership while raising eight children, I’ve experienced many of the same struggles as you. I wasn’t an immediate prodigy; I faced the fear of termination one second and was deemed as being the best manager ever the next second. I was an agent before I became a manager and then a vice president. I’ve had experience throughout the realm in the corproate world, and that’s how I’m able to see where you are and where you want to go. There has never been someone that I haven’t talked to that I haven’t been able to say, “I’ve been there.” I haven’t learned by a book; it’s been personal experience.

With my strategic thinking and empathetic spirit, I’ll be a co-pilot in this journey with you, helping you reach your goals and feel better about every single step you take. 

Nita Kenendy


I’m Nita

During my time in corporate USA I would work with many clients through some of their toughest decisions, retirement and estate planning.  For a lot of these clients the conversations would continue through implementation.  However, for some it would be after the fact.  The loss of a significant other requires a lot of hard conversations when it comes to “what’s next?”

This is where my phrase, “Walk with me” was born. I would take the client for a walk and discuss their personal, intimate and private details and options for moving their life forward.

Now, through my consulting, my writing and my love of photography you can all:  Walk with me.

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Nita brings strategic thought, diligent success planning techniques, an empathetic spirit and creative business solutions in her consultative practice. I have watched Nita positively impact individuals careers for decades. She makes a difference for everyone she works with by listening to their needs, goals and desires. She helps build a plan of accountability that will lead you to improved results. You need Nita on your professional team!

Tim Harris

Executive Vice President of Agency, COUNTRY Financial

Nita Kennedy is the real deal. Together we co-piloted Family Building Blocks for two years, me as ED and she as Board Chair. Wise, patient, and very funny, Nita navigated every opportunity and challenge expertly. Constantly by my side, she help me me sort through everything that an ED faces, helped me prioritize, and provided timely reality checks. Best of all, she never let me take myself too seriously and always made me laugh!

Patrice Altenhofen

Executive Director, Family Building Blocks

Nita Kennedy has been an exceptional mentor to me and to so many. She has a way of providing a perfect balance of empathy and empowerment while challenging and problem-solving. I would say she introduced ‘tough love’ to me as a leader. Her willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely are qualities that many of her mentees have learned from. She has engrained confidence into the women in her circle; both professionally and personally. Her unrelenting determination paved the way and honestly pushed the many excuses out the window of female business owners.  Respect is earned, not given and Nita has earned it across the board. Nita shared life-changing lessons with me, and they have truly shaped my career. She reminds women of what’s most important in life. She motivates without being expected or asked to. The trust she earned in our business came from the unending support she provided to all. She could relate and that provided empathy, but it also provided solutions. Nita always found time and made you feel that you were her top priority. Her high expectations come from the passion to push others to their true potential. I can never thank her enough for what she saw in me and the perfect mix of motivation, assurance, and tough love.  

Kendall Holmes

Vice President of Agency Operations, COUNTRY Financial

Anita has been a caring, energetic, and strategic community partner for our non-profit.  She forms outcome-based partnerships and is someone who gets things done. Anita influences positive change in communities and causes she cares about. She pushes me to grow as a nonprofit leader and I consider her not just a mentor, but also a friend.

Jerry Ambris

Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Willamette Valley

Anita is an experienced leader with a proven track record of motivating and supporting women. Her significant accomplishment in creating leaders fuels her desire to coach women to reach their full potential by rediscovering their purpose and become the best version of themselves.

Bonnie Milletto

Empowerment Speaker & Author


What I Offer

Focus #1: Individual

Helping people get back to their center, determining what the ultimate goal is for their business, and developing a plan for reaching it. 
Whether income, production, sales, or life skills, we can talk it through.

Focus #2: Small Group

Similar to the individual services, now the focus is on the common goal of the entire group.
Whether planning for change, or taking your business to the next level, I can help faciliate your discussions to move your business forward.

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