Walk with Me Book
You are not alone!

Nita Kennedy, mother to eight and corporate executive leader, has walked alongside you on the path faced by millions of mothers, wives, and professional women. 

“Walk With Me” takes you on Nita’s personal journey through marriage, divorce, motherhood, and a 32-year career in the insurance and financial industry.

Nita will walk you through her life’s biggest lessons on tenacity, choices, battling with perfection, and so much more so you can discover how to reset and start fresh, find humor and humility during the roughest moments, and uncover the strength to take just one more step.

 Whether you are new to your profession and contemplating motherhood or a seasoned professional with adult children, through Nita’s stories shared in “Walk with Me”, you can find a space to define yourself and discover your own inner strengths.

 Success, both in your business and your parenting, is just on the other side of your fears.