Nita Kenendy
Nita Kennedy

Consultant & Author

About Nita

When we are children we imagine and dream what our lives will be like.  In all those dreams, we only see the good stuff not the mountains we must climb to reach those dreams.

In my years of motherhood, business ownership and leadership I not only climbed those mountains but fell off some pretty big cliffs.  Most times without the necessary equipment to climb back out!

After 32 years working with a company I love I am ready for my new purpose!  Giving other professional women who are also mothers the necessary equipment to find their voice, untangle the mysteries of our duel roles and realize their potential.

In “retirement” I also realize I still have the ability to impact through my writing and my consulting.  I also feel that impact can be made through a love I had earlier in my life prior to life throwing me off cliffs, photography.

During my time in corporate USA I would work with many clients through some of their toughest decisions, retirement and estate planning.  For a lot of these clients the conversations would continue through implementation.  However, for some it would be after the fact.  The loss of a significant other requires a lot of hard conversations when it comes to “what’s next?”

I always tried to be considerate and respectful of those well meaning family members that wanted to attend meetings with my client. Yet some of these conversations were truly meant for the client’s ears only.

This is where my phrase, “Walk with me” was born.

I would take the client for a walk and discuss their personal, intimate and private details and options for moving their life forward.

Now, through my consulting, my writing and my love of photography you can all:  Walk with me

I am currently living in Lake Havasu City AZ where my love of desert and water come together.  I am blessed to have my beautiful Mama live with me along with my Happily Every After.

I travel throughout the US spending 10 weeks on the road discovering the beauty of our country.

The absolute best part of my life is spoiling my grandchildren through adventures.